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You can buy Physical Gold bars, Gold ingots, Gold coins or Silver bars - online at Bullion Bank prices and store it in your name - outside the banking system in ultra safe storage vaults of politically stable Switzerland, Singapore or Hongkong where you have private access to your stock 24/7/365. You may remove your physical Gold and Silver stock entirely or portions thereof whenever you want. You are in total control of the physical Gold and Silver you purchased. Owning physical Gold or Silver is an ideal vehicle to Protect Your Assets. It offers excellent Wealth Preservation and should be an integral part of investor portfolios. Strategically, Gold is centered on risk management and capital preservation. Gold offers investors a liquid asset that lacks credit risk protecting investors' purchasing power during good times and bad, the ability to hedge against high inflation and currency devaluation. A must for Private Investors, Shareowners, Bondholders; Corporate Investors, Holding Companies, Portfolio Managers, Money Managers, Investment Advisers; Institutional Investors: Insurance Companies, Retirement and Pension Funds, Mutual Funds, Hedge Funds; Trusts and Banks. in Switzerland is an affiliate of where you can open an account for the online buying and selling of Physical Gold, coins or Silver bars.

Buy Physical Gold Bars

You can purchase physical gold or silver (bars, coins) outright on the bullion bank market at NO leverage. An outright purchase without leverage eliminates the counterparty risk. The bullion bank market is where physical gold bullions and physical silver bars are bought and sold. This market is worlds apart from 'paper-gold' or 'digital gold'.

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Ultra Secure Gold Storage

Switzerland is the safest place to store precious metals, not only because protecting foreign assets is an integral part of the country’s economy, but also because Switzerland has proven its seriousness in all of its history. Switzerland is a politically stable and independent country. It has always adopted neutral positions in times of war.

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Why Invest in Gold & Silver

No paper currency has survived throughout history. Gold has maintained its purchasing power whilst government deficits and money printing has consistently destroyed the value of paper money. With most Sovereign States as well as the entire global banking system under severe financial stress, wealth preservation today is absolutely crucial and necessary.

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