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Buy Physical Gold Bars at Bullion Bank Prices

Switzerland is a Major Hub for Trading in Gold

You can purchase physical gold or silver (bars, coins) outright on the bullion bank market at NO leverage. An outright purchase without leverage eliminates the counterparty risk. The bullion bank market is where physical gold and silver (bars) are bought and sold. This market is worlds apart from 'paper-gold' or 'digital gold'.

Switzerland Refines 65-70% of the World’s Gold

Four of the world’s major gold refineries are on Swiss soil. Nearly one-third of the world's raw gold is turned into pristine bars and ingots that are distributed all over the world. According to the BBC, the gold refining industry in Switzerland is expected to take off even more in 2013, with some calling it the potential "golden age for gold" as investors remain wary about the global economy. The demand for melted down gold and ingots made from raw supplies have been surging in recent years.

How much physical Gold or Silver can I buy with my money?

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